Rules And Regulation:

Parents are required to provide their child / children with a loving, caring, well disciplined home environment which reduce the necessity of discipline to be done at the institute. If a student shows a persistent and anti disciplined behaviour the consulation is arranged between the student and administration. In that case, parents are also informed so that a suitable strategy might be exercised to correct the matter and occasionally physical restraint may also used.

Teaching learning process will be competely according to the rules and regulation laid by the administration of the institute. No external interruption will be allowed from parents' and guardians' side.

The academic session of the college commences from August and remain continue till 10th April. During the academic year if any student does not show punctuality, the institution will have the authorities to cancel his/her admission.

Students must come to school with all the required things including, text books, note books etc, needed for the day's work no borrowing or lending books will be permitted.

No pupil is allowed to leave the class room till the short interval (Break) or the end of the session.

Magzine, Video Games, Cds, Playing Cards, Mp3, Walkman etc are not allowed in the School.

Mobiles phones are strictly prohibited. Possesion of mobile phone will be treated as an offence and will be confiscated.

The use of tobacco in any form is forbidden to the students inside and outside of the institute. Taking tution from outside the Institute is strongly discouraged student who have particular difficulty in any subject are recommonded to approch the administration for help.

Any School property which is damaged by any student must be compensated.

Children are not allowed to wear jewellery or bring valuables things to school as the school can not accept liabilities for any missing items.