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22-08-2023 By the grace of Almighty Allah, Al-Azhar Educational Institute got the honour of the 3 prominent positions out of 4 in Top-3 in Swat Board 2023


Al-Azhar has started online classes from 11th of june. Please Click the Link http://alazharswat.edu.pk/video.aspx and select your class to watch the related lectures.


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Director Messege:

Mr.Amanul Mulk Is Managing Director Of Al-Azhar Educational Institute. First of all I extend an enthusiastic welcome to all the readers and well wishers of Al- Azhar Educational Institute. In fact now a day we are living our lives as labhour or toil amongst the different nations of the world. We all know well and this fact cannot be denied that wherever, in the world, there is a need of labours or workers, we can fulfill this need swiftly, despite the fact if it is very hard or even impossible to fulfill. It’s alarming. So, it’s our obligation to think that how can we come out from such weakness, opprobrium, feebleness and disgrace. As a Muslim teacher I proclaim and assume some authentic ways to get rid of such kind of slavery and humiliation. That ……
1) We should strictly follow Islamic teachings not only verbally but practically 2) We should provide modern scientific as well as technical education equitably.

Principal Messege:

Mr.Nisar Ul Haq Is Principal Of Al-Azhar Educational Institute. I cordially say thanks and welcome to all the readers and watchers’ of Al-Azhar Educational Institute website. I am very eager that every student should get proper guidance and quality education as well as academic success splendidly. I strongly believe that home and institution equally play a vital role in the promotion of good education and child’s success because basic education commences at home. So, it’s the responsibility of not only of teachers but also of parents/guardians to play an active and dynamic role in the success or achievement of their ward. I keenly request and appeal to all the guardians to keep in touch with our institution and directly interact with our staff and administration. We greatly appreciate those who share and discuss the overall educational issues of their respective wards thoroughly. Kindly put your energetic contribution in the development of your ward...

Contact Information:

Panr Mingora Swat

High / College Section: 0946-723533

Girls / Junior Section: 0946-721350

Hostel: 0946-722278

Account Office: 0301-8043497

Email: principal@alazharswat.edu.pk

Email: info@alazharswat.edu.pk

Email: saidalam@alazharswat.edu.pk

Email: alazharswat@gmail.com

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